Tuesday 16th October

Three Castle Head, Mizen Peninsula, West Cork.

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Three Castle Head, Mizen Peninsula, West Cork – 51° 28′ N, 9° 49′ W


Ancestral home of the O’Mahony Clan, built 1207.


This is one of the most undiscovered magical locations in Ireland situated on the tip of the Mizen Peninsula. When the Normans came to Ireland, The O’Mahony Clan retreated here and built their castle in 1207. Strategically located between sheer sea cliffs and Dunlough lake. It is such a well fortified location there is no record of the castle ever been breached.


Legends abound of hidden treasure, including gold buried beneath the lake. There are also stories of the mythical ‘White Lady of the Lake’, if seen one will die instantly.


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