Monday 22nd May

Bernie O’Sullivan – Bantry, West Cork.

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Bernie O’Sullivan – Bantry, West Cork.


There is a beauty in everything and we must have our eyes open wide enough to see it. My favourite word is a Japanese word – Meraki, which means, doing something with total love and pure soul, leaving a little piece of yourself in your creative work. By putting the whole of yourself into something you gain more from it, other people in turn are inspired by this approach and take a similar path.

We live through, from, and with each other, if you can be yourself and be the best that you can be, then you will have a happier and greater life.’


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4 Responses to “Bernie O’Sullivan – Bantry, West Cork.”

  1. Peter Larkin says:

    Wise words, a compass for life.

  2. Catherine Donovan. says:

    We should all take note of the beautiful sentiments expressed in this piece by Bernie.

  3. Margaret Redden. says:


  4. Alan Courtney says:

    Stunning words and beauty!

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