Wednesday 27th September

Colm Rooney – Ballydehob, West Cork.

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Colm Rooney  – Ballydehob, West Cork.


Spike Milligan was a gas man with many strings to his bow. I have always loved his work. This poem, dedicated to his daughter reflects how I feel about my family.


To My Daughter Jane by Spike Milligan


I cannot tell you in words,

I cannot tell you in sounds,

I cannot tell you in music

How much I love you.

I can only tell you in trees,

In mountains,



I might be heard to say it

In the bark of a seal on moon misty nights.

It can be heard on the hinges of dawn.

Tho’ my muse is slain,

All else says I love you Jane.’


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2 Responses to “Colm Rooney – Ballydehob, West Cork.”

  1. Christy Sweeney says:

    Powerful words…………….

  2. Catherine Donovan. says:

    Beautiful poem and an amazing project.

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