Sunday 25th March

David Beale – Ballydehob, West Cork.

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David Beale – Ballydehob, West Cork.


A poem by author unknown inspired me…..

I suppose you could say there was a distinctive kind of spirit in this home.

Yes, I’m sure there was.

It was the spirit of kindness, patience, loveliness, beauty, and love itself.

The thought occurred to me as I left, that to these people

Heaven itself would not be strange when they went there,

Because they had a corner of it right on Earth.’


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4 Responses to “David Beale – Ballydehob, West Cork.”

  1. Jennifer O'Brien says:

    Beautiful poem.

  2. Karen Hayes says:

    I love this project, a journey of portraits and thoughts.

  3. Peter Larkin says:

    Cracking photo David.

  4. Margaret Redden. says:

    Powerful words.

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