Sunday 1st October

David Fenton – Castletownbere, West Cork.

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David Fenton – Castletownbere, West Cork.


The local GAA club inspires me, it galvanises the community. GAA pitches are pride and place in every town, village and parish. I play for the local team with friends and neighbours, you get to meet people and make friendships that last for life, the GAA draws you into participating in the community, I do a little bit of coaching in the national school as well, I’m also a member of the local RNLI crew.


Its not a coincidence that these two organisations are held in such high esteem in the town, their voluntary ethos draws the best out of people and has strengthened the local community spirit. We are all there for each other. Everybody in town, whether directly or indirectly would have someone going to sea. The presence of the RNLI lifeboat in the harbour gives comfort to the town.’


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2 Responses to “David Fenton – Castletownbere, West Cork.”

  1. Peter Larkin says:

    Super project.

  2. Cora Walsh says:

    Beara Peninsula – magical place & people.

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