Sunday 22nd October

Elaine Spillane – Sheep’s Head, West Cork.

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People of the Wild Atlantic Way Photography Project –¬†


Elaine Spillane – Sheep’s Head, West Cork.


I love to travel but I also love coming home more , home is the Sheep’s Head Peninsula¬† – and they say that ‘home is where the heart is’, and mine is in Kilcrohane. Home is where the people you care about are. Living here on the peninsula we are looking out on the world, conscious of our place in the majestic natural beauty of our surroundings, living in harmony with nature. A sense of place is deeply engrained in the consciousness of the people. We are guardians and custodians of this corner of Eden on the edge of the world for future generations.’


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2 Responses to “Elaine Spillane – Sheep’s Head, West Cork.”

  1. Jennifer H. says:

    Sheeps Head, what a beautiful place.

  2. Anne Daly says:

    Lovely portraits of our neighbours on the Sheep’s Head peninsula.

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