Sunday 19th November

James O’Sullivan – Sheep’s Head, West Cork.

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People of the Wild Atlantic Way Photography Project –¬†


James O’Sullivan – Sheep’s Head, West Cork.


When I was younger I went away to work, thinking every where else was better. I had to go away to appreciate¬† the place I came from and this appreciation drew me back. This is where I’m happiest, living on the peninsula, experiencing nature in all its majesty, its ever changing moods, big skies, stormy seas. Money can’t buy your invironment. The pace of life, the warmth and kindness of people, a gift that is given freely, it cannot be bought. I may not be rich but I’m happy. Happiness is the main goal in life and that’s what completes me as a person.’


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4 Responses to “James O’Sullivan – Sheep’s Head, West Cork.”

  1. Barry Sweeney says:

    Well said…..Great photo……..

  2. Pat Tobin says:

    Wise Words James.

  3. Jennifer O'Brien says:

    Lovely words, happiness is everything.

  4. Kelly# says:

    A perfect view on life.

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