Sunday 16th July

Michael Orpen – Castletownbere, West Cork.

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Michael Orpen – Castletownbere, West Cork.


‘What inspires me is seeing young people getting on. I like to see them get their just share of what the future holds for them and that wealth is more evenly distributed, change should be more inclusive, everybody should benefit from an upturn. I would die a happy man to see that. I’m 81 going on 82, when I was younger I saw alot of emigration and a dwindling population, people had to leave to find work. Times are now changing and people are coming back. People find a way, situations are not complicated, they are easy to remedy.


Fishing teaches you a lot, if you persevere, things pick up. If you keep trying, the solution will come to you. You may not get it right the first time but keep at it, that’s my philosophy on life. There were times when I did not have a good catch the first day, but I kept at it and things improved. I started fishing at 14, I loved being at sea, it was a good life.’


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2 Responses to “Michael Orpen – Castletownbere, West Cork.”

  1. Peter J. says:

    A great man and a lovely sentiment.

  2. Mick Buckley. says:

    What a great photo. Michael is a local legend.

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