Wednesday 24th May

Noel Burke – Bantry, West Cork.

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Noel Burke – Bantry, West Cork.


I often wonder would it be worse to be blind or deaf. I think I’d really miss the music because everyday I listen to music. I just spent a week in America playing music and to be able to play twice a day, for me was like a holiday. Connecting and playing with other musicians just fills you up.

I first started dancing when I came to Bantry, I did a few classes and got into the rhythm of dancing and would visit neighbours houses to dance sets. Its an amazing experience dancing in small groups in a small space surrounded by musicians, it gives you such energy.

Music and dance give you the ability to entertain yourself and others, you can forget everything and get lost in the moment. There is a great love of traditional music in this town.’


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3 Responses to “Noel Burke – Bantry, West Cork.”

  1. Kelly# says:

    Loving all these amazing portraits.

  2. Margaret Redden. says:

    Wonderful, best of luck with you project.

  3. David Horgan says:

    Well done Noel, lovely pic……….

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