Tuesday 1st August

Toni McDermott – Leap, West Cork.

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Toni McDermott – Leap, West Cork.


Get up and do your thing’.


I’m very sad to say that Toni recently passed away. I only got the opportunity to meet her the one time during the photo shoot in Connolly’s Pub, even so, she made a lasting impression. I have met so many people from Leap who have spoke of her with such warmth and affection. Last Saturday I met her daughter Ellen and she was recounting some lovely stories of her mother when she was younger and of trips back to Germany, where she was originally from. Ellen informed me that Toni had chosen the following line for her epitaph – ‘Its all been very interesting’. She was a remarkable woman who had such a positive effect on the lifes of those close to her. She will be greatly missed.


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3 Responses to “Toni McDermott – Leap, West Cork.”

  1. Jennifer O'Brien says:

    One of a kind. Will be sadly missed

  2. Catherine Donovan. says:

    A beautiful lady.

  3. Sara O'Sullivan says:

    A lovely photo of Toni, she will be so missed by the community in Leap.

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